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bears fanAs I often say, I'm sweet in the living room, but a little tart in the bedroom. Then again, as Rock Hudson says in Pillow Talk, "There are plenty of warm rolls in the bakery, stop pressing your nose against the window." Meeting up with a guy based on a sentence or two typed by thumb is just a blind date. Does anyone like those? I don't. So a blind hookup? No thanks. I've never used a glory hole and don't intend to start. For that matter, hooking up has never really been my thing. It's a bit too "help me lift this couch into my windowless van on a rainy night" if you catch my drift... If I get that strong an urge to merge, I'll hit Midtowne for Big Men night. Or, if I'm on vacation, the whole town is like a bath house.

Of course, if you can host within two miles of me, and like the taste of bear, try me. I mean, I'm a guy after all. Just remember, if all you want from me is booty call, all you'll be to me is booty call. If all you offer is fast food sex, you'd better be Burger King, because if I don't have it my way, I don't have it at all. And I don't go to Malibu for Burger King when there's one just down the street. But don't let that lead you to believe I don't like a burger. My friends know, I've got extra pickle, and special orders don't upset me. But I'm a "When Harry Met Sally" kind of guy. Or in this case, "When Hairy Met Pally." I can do platonic standing on my head, but I'm a firm believer that honest friends can have unlimited benefits. But benefits aren't generally offered without friendship. Nor is dating. I wouldn't date someone I couldn't be friends with. No step-skippers.

I was told just recently that I'm a contradiction. That's a rather binary misapprehension. I'm multi-faceted. I'm shy, but not bashful. An introverted exhibitionist. Sheldon Cooper, with an Energizer Bunny in his shorts... If you were to see me out in the world and reach for my zipper, I'd give you a wink and the go-ahead. (Think of my light blue wristband as my Hanky Code.) If you were to smile at me, I would get all excited, but turn away like a schoolgirl. It may not make much sense to most of the world, but the right guy will understand perfectly.

Spoon EqualityRight now, I provide live-in care for my elderly mother, who's in a wheelchair and requires assistance throughout the day. So, this is not a great time to hubby hunt. Especially since I'm not sure if I'm really the hubby type... Taking care of Mom has brought out my inner Daddy Bear, but that doesn't mean I'm after a cub.  And I don't want to be either Oscar or Felix. If I'm going to couple up, I want to be the Even Couple. At 6'9" I sort of couldn't help being a Big Spoon -- though a Spoon that usually prefers just to be licked -- but I often have a better connection with other Big Spoons, because then, we're just Equal Spoons, even if we do tend to get put away in the drawer with me on top... Whatever we are in the bedroom, we're equal everywhere else. You feed me chicken soup when I'm sick, and when you're sick, I'll feed you my chowder.

BTW, I'm a dinosaur -- I hate the phone, seldom IM, and absolutely refuse to type with my thumbs anymore. Feels like counterfeit communication... Wherever you are, if you're a pithy emailer, bring it on and use that little envelope down there. I'm a slow mover, and my calendar's pretty full, so we might be talking for a long while before we can meet. If that's an issue for you, I understand.

So, if you've made it this far, click here, or just click on my Bears zipper pull... Go on, put your finger on it. It's fun.

Me, as a Singleton Me, when coupling
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