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MeSo, if you've reached this section, perhaps you're warm for my form? Cool. The thing is... As an introvert, I'm pretty good at being single, so I'm typically holding out for someone I could actually have a life-long friendship with, before we take things anywhere else.

I see men say over and over that they hate writing profiles. It seems they would rather answer endless questions in person. To me, that sounds HIDEOUS. I would much rather create my own FAQ. Skip past all the getting to know you chitchat and start having real conversations about things like hopes and dreams... I've got a mountain of projects, and 3.5 billion men to sort through. I prefer the efficiency.

I came out to myself at 17 largely because I discovered my love for maximum glutes. It took me a few more years to make my coming out official. In that time, I tended to be anywhere from packing on a few extra pounds, to double my healthy weight. Believe it or not, that contributed to me being quite an unpopular gay man. Then, I lost a lot of weight, and I thought, okay, this ought to resolve my unpopularity. Here's the result, to the right. otter weightUnfortunately, the body got skinny, but the brain still behaved like the proverbial fat girl at the high school dance. Yes, I did have some fun, and found out some encouraging news about myself. I went to Long Beach Pride and met a great guy -- from the other side of the country. I actually got to be in the West Hollywood Pride Parade, and I don't remember being booed or hissed at for a change, but I was bored out of my gourd. And then I did Pride here in my own back yard, Orange County. I think I was mentally done...

The problem hadn't been the weight. It was my personality! Yay! No sarcasm there... You see, I happen to like my personality.
If others don't, I can stop worrying about trying to please them... I spent most of my life doing things the way I thought I was supposed to, the way the world said was right. And it made me miserable. When I fully realized that, in 2013, I decided to listen to my own heart for a change... I met some really great men that I hope to know for the rest of my life. And I've become acquainted online with a few more I hope to meet in the near future... I don't necessarily believe in The One, but if there is one, maybe it'll be one of them, when my schedule permits. Or maybe not... The real lesson has been that I like myself, and enjoy my own company enough that I no longer fear winding up alone.

Remember that pic on the right? Yeah, I'm about double that weight again. Yet, I have the self-confidence at my current weight that I wish I'd had as a skinny fella. I like what I like, and I'm content to stay at home, until I find someone else who enjoys the same things. Better still, I now have the confidence to go and do those things independently. In fact, it will take a very special person not to slow me down.

Me, as a Singleton Me, when coupling

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