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In case there was any doubt, "TallMisterHall" refers to the fact that I am 6'9" tall. It's not rocket science!

Growing up with Mom and three significantly older sisters, it was seldom my turn to talk, so I took to writing instead, and knew it was my calling by age 5. There was also a stretch of stage acting which, in addition to being fun and introducing me to some life-long friends, helped me learn to reach into the psyche of each character. Thrown into the mix was my experience working on the creative section of my high school paper, and the annual publication for the Writers' Gathering. By the time I was 21, I had added experience publishing at CSU, Long Beach, finished the first draft of my first novel, and published an issue of my literary magazine, MOD.

And then... Well... As many college students discover, I had a lot of things to learn that can't be found in a classroom.

While I always worked on my writing, it really took a major life reboot to begin self-publishing some of my early works. I began with LOL, the story of a group of friends who call themselves the "Deadbeat Club." The novel centers around a reunion of sorts, one year after graduation, during Spring Break 1995. I followed this up with Alcoholiday, which follows another set of characters from LOL as they make their own Spring Break trip.

During the pandemic, I was finally able to put the finishing touches on my latest novel, Plato's Locker. This story follows characters readers will recognize from previous novels. Rick Adams and Cathy Hamilton, as well as their new acquaintance Roy Calhoun. Together, they attempt to recapture the energy of the Summer Of Love, and use their literary 'zine to create a publishing empire to share this energy with the world. To this end, when the 1996 Spring Semester ends, they embark on a road trip up the California coast to San Francisco.

And then there is the
Empyre: Preview Edition. Empyre was conceived as the pilot of a primetime soap, in prose. Complete in and of itself, the project is also the introduction to a larger series, which I am currently in the process of drafting.

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here. Or to make a purchase, go to TallMisterHall on Amazon. As I often like to note, if you have any inclination to read my books, please consider downloading the ebook version. For the same price as the smallest of my paperbacks, you can get all four novels -- and, you save trees! Win/win!

I would say, the overriding theme of my writing is coping with an outsider status. Long before I came out, I was a male minority in a house of females. My sisters were all teenagers when I was merely five.  In elementary school, I always tested well, and was typically segregated into a group of five students who were sent off to a corner or an entirely different room to work on more advanced studies, or even special projects like a student film. After my parents separated and eventually divorced, maintaining two separate households rendered ours a lower-income family, which had a pronounced effect on me, living in affluent Orange County... I didn't come out to myself as attracted to men until I was about 17,  but from a sociological standpoint, I developed a queer sensibility early on... Consider how many people identify with the Rankin-Bass version of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer." He and Hermie never express same-sex interests, but to be "queer" in the sociological sense is ANY deviation from the dominant culture, and its emphasis on marriage, 2.5 children, accepting career limitations imposed on you by society, et al, and these are clearly queer characters... In many ways, my writing focuses on the Island of Misfit Toys. Too often, a "happy ending" for such characters is portrayed either as successful conformity at last, or the complete rejection of a toxic society in favor cheerful self-exile. I prefer to explore ways in which a character can retain its authentic self, even in daily contact with the dominant culture.

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