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Just as Faulkner had his Yoknapatawpha County, I find myself drawn to stories that are complete in and of themselves, yet also take place in a larger context, a tapestry of storytelling. Thus far, the stories have been published in roughly chronological order. Click on any cover to be taken to each book's order page, or to see the collection, please to go TallMisterHall on Amazon.

And a short note: I do have paperbacks available, but if you'd really like to support a starving artist, please consider choosing the ebook option. For a fraction of the price, you can download all four ebooks -- and you save trees! Go on, be a hero.

I also compile a sort of soundtrack to write each story to. Most of the selections are contemporary to the story, but once in a while, an anachronistic song is still the best emotional key to help me write a scene... If interested, please note the YouTube link accompanying each description.

Rick Adams is a young man leaving his small hometown of Talbot to explore the larger, changing world of the 1990s. Outside the shelter of his small circle of friends for the first time, he finds it difficult to weave himself into the tapestry of his college community. So when an opportunity arises to reunite with his friends over Spring Break, Rick jumps at the chance. But in his short time away, he has begun to come to terms with a realization that may change the way he relates to his friends -- one of many changes that threatens to shatter the bonds of youth forever. Will a week spent in the natural splendor of the Sierras rebuild their bonds? Or will secrets, close quarters, and the absence of creature comforts stretch those bonds beyond repair?

Scott Rogers unexpectedly finds himself the hub of an unusual social circle: Allen, who enlisted his help starting up a literary magazine, wants to celebrate the completion of their first issue by taking him on a Boys' Weekend, as his older brothers did for him; Scott's roommate Russell, whose connections at the local fraternity can help turn the dream of an impromptu Spring Break getaway into reality; Cathy, his other coworker at the 'zine, who managed to insinuate herself into the vacation in the hopes of turning it into a work retreat. Underaged, pious, and inexperienced, Scott hopes to learn how to navigate through life more successfully. His traveling companions, and free-flowing alcohol, will conspire to make sure that Spring Break '95 is one Scott will never forget.

Part of a larger saga, this preview edition begins an exploration of the anxieties and issues faced in Small-Town America as it prepared to move into a new millennium... Empyre, named to evoke the highest realm of heaven, has become something quite different for many of its residents. As they ring in 1996, they reflect on how slowly progress comes to a town like theirs. But for one, psychiatrist Nicholas Drake, who finds himself expecting both a mysterious new patient and his first child, change will come, with blinding speed.

As the rainy Spring Semester of 1996 draws to a close, three college friends decide to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, driving up the California coast to San Francisco.

Rick Adams is the instigator of the scheme. As a kid living in a conservative rural part of the state, he grew up dreaming of the world the Hippies tried to create during the Summer Of Love, and hopes that walking in the footsteps of his heroes will help him reignite the candle of hope from that era — which he will promote through a literary ’zine.

Cathy Hamilton, his friend and creative partner on the ’zine, is a Louisiana native who has seen very little of California outside of Long Beach, despite spending four years at the university without obtaining her degree. Tired of feeling like a tourist in her new home, she embarks on this journey to feel more connected.

Roy Calhoun, their unfortunately-named new associate at the ’zine, has far more pragmatic interests — sexual conquests, including but not limited to Rick. While he also respects Rick’s dreams, he worries that using a publishing empire to further his goals could be disastrous. He suggests they stop along the way to see Hearst Castle, hoping that Rick’s dreams might be tempered by a dose of behind-the-scenes reality.

But, as they will discover, reality can be a subjective thing.

This book has a very special place in my heart. To read more, please click here.

In addition to these books, work has resumed on the novel teased in the Empyre Preview Edition. The events of the New Year have a ripple effect on the people of Empyre in the next installment of their continuing story.

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